Non 12 Step Recovery Programs – What Makes Successful Drug Treatment?

Non 12 step recovery programs

During the past decade, there’s been a quiet revolution going on in the world of recovery programs. Research and analysis of recovery programs have shown that non 12 step rehabs have a higher success rate than traditional treatment centers do.

Unfortunately, because non 12 step recovery programs are relatively new in the United States, there are fewer of them available than traditional rehabs. This can make it difficult for concerned family members to find viagra sin receta the right non 12 step rehabs for their loved ones.

The search is well worth it though – non 12 step recovery programs boast a success rate of more than 70%. As a result, patients can experience long term sobriety without the relapse that is normal with traditional rehab.

Learn how non 12 step rehabs perform compared to other models of care

Why are non 12 step recovery programs so successful? There are several key factors at play.

  1. Non 12 Step Rehabs Give Adequate Time for Recovery
    Traditional 28 day programs don't offer enough time for an addict to completely detox and start to address the underlying reasons for addiction. With longer term care, non 12 step rehabs give patients the time that they need to go through the entire recovery process and come out stronger.
  2. Non 12 Step Recovery Programs Provide One on One Support
    One of the major drawbacks with traditional 12 step rehab programs are the group therapy aspect. There's not enough personalized attention, and even though people share an addiction, it doesn't mean that they have the same reasons for becoming addicted. Non 12 step recovery programs can help patients zero in on their personal problems so they can achieve greater success.
  3. Non 12 Step Rehabs Rely on Holistic Physical Detox
    Cravings for drugs and alcohol can derail anyone's plans to stay sober. Eliminating cravings is a key part of the treatment plan at non 12 step rehabs. Through biophysical detox and nutrition therapy, patients can overcome cravings and see long term success.
  4. Non 12 Step Recovery Programs Focus on a Recovery Timeline
    Unlike traditional approaches, there is a definite beginning, middle and end to the recovery process. Non 12 step recovery programs help patients become cured – rather than leave them as perpetual "recovering addicts." This lets patients focus on an end goal and feel successful at the end of their treatment.
  5. Non 12 Step Rehabs Bring Hope to Patients
    Non 12 step rehabs can help patients develop hope and confidence for the future. Traditional programs focus on the disease model of addiction and leave patients with the emotional and psychological baggage of believing that they will never be cured. Holistic treatments through non 12 step rehabs can empower patients and improve success rates.

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